krinkl-o-tron - references



danube project
Aschauer, Michael - The Danube Panorama Project


khronos projector
Cassinelli, Alvaro - The Khronos Projector


space time
Jaschko, Susanne - Space-Time Correlations Focused in Film Objects and Interactive Video


slit scan
Levin, Golen - An Informal Catalogue of Slit-Scan Video Artworks


noise between the stations
Lombardi, Victor - Virtual Reality vs. Immersive Environments


ring screen
OVT Visuals - Ring Screen


PlayPumps International


big picture summit
Ross, Clifford - Big Picture Summit


locomotion interfaces
Universtiy of Utah School of Computing - Locomotion Interfaces


time scan mirror
Rozin, Danny - Time Scan Mirror


beyond green
Smith, Stephanie - Beyond Green: Toward a Sustainable Art


bike carousel
Wechslen, Robert - Circular Bike Carousel


human powered generator
Wind Stream Power, LLC - Human Powered Generators